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The Brayt automotive polishing system is based on innovative products of the highest quality.
The T11 and T1 Strong are our cutting polishing compounds and make the base of our system. To achieve a perfect final result, we recommend the T2 finishing paste that removes holograms and micro-damages. The T3 quick wax brings out the color depth and high gloss. R1 is used to regenerate and renew plastic and chrome components, while T4 will securely protect the varnish, creating a protective layer.

BRAYT also offers a wide range of additional high-quality materials, such as polishing foam pads of varying hardness, lamb wool pads, polishing discs, microfiber cloths and multi-functional control lamps.

Excellent additions are: the headlight restoration kits and the START-SET Brayt Strong, that contains polishing compounds and protective products in a minimal package with microfiber cloths for application.

BRAYT Industry is a line of polishing compounds dedicated to wood polishing. It is a new range of products developed to complement our Brayt brand, creating a new chapter in our history that has been woven in the tradition of the 40 years of TROTON. The creation of the BRAYT Industry line is thanks to our team, their commitment to the development of TROTON and the BRAYT brand, and a result of listening to our customers.

BRAYT Industry offers a complete range of carefully selected formulas based on high-quality materials that effectively reduces working time. Its most important advantage is efficiency, which plays an important role in the furniture industry. BRAYT Industry offers new technology in a simple one step application and can be complemented by our polishing pads allowing the achievement of the perfect glossy mirror-like finish.