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TROTON is currently a world leader in the production of polishing compounds.We are much more than just a manufacturer of polishing materials. We offer a wide range of polishing products that are able to solve virtually any problem.

Our formulas are developed in our own laboratory and produced in Ząbrowo, Poland at our factory plant in accordance with the rigorous quality management system ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Our offer includes all necessary ancillaries carefully chosen and adapted to our BRAYT polishing system.

Our products are widely used in Poland and around the world with export being a significant part of our business. Wherever in the world our polishing system is introduced, we are sure that it will meet the expectations of our customers and pass the most demanding tests.

We are partners to our clients and work together with our distributors to develop polishing solutions that will bring technical and economic success. Constantly expanding our range of polishing products and services, we are prepared to manufacture compounds that meet our customer requirements – wherever you are.